Print workshops in your home

Enjoy a day’s printing workshop in your kitchen with a group of friends or family (up to 5 people). All you need is a table, sink and place to hang the prints to dry. An opportunity to learn a  new skill with lots of fun and laughter while making fantastic prints. Ideal as a birthday treat or any other special occasion. A memorable day!

Introduction to printing day: Includes learning and experimenting with simple block printing/mono-printing/collograph techniques until lunchtime. In the afternoon you will have the opportunity to print on a selection of art papers, achieving three good prints by the end of the day to take away with you.

If you get hooked follow up workshops are available in which you can print:

wall hangings/banners up to 2m long – a perfect group activity as it takes several people to hold and guide the plate through the press. Perfect for creating bespoke interior  decorations and announcement messages such as Congratulations! or Happy Anniversary!

sets of cards – with birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, or any special time of year in mind such as Easter, Christmas or Diwali.

I have many years’ experience teaching children and adults in relaxed workshop settings and love helping people bring their ideas to life. Since acquiring a flat bed roller press I have become a passionate advocate for the pleasures and surprises that all forms of printing can bring.

I run print workshops throughout the North East, Borders and Edinburgh areas including weekends.

Contact me : leave a reply below, call  07977997605 or e mail


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